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    Product Details

    PET Single sided tape is used for fixing electronic devices and is hand.

    PET Single sided tape is one of our Gelly Adhesive main products,if you need purchase PET Single sided tape,you can choose Gelly Adhesive PET Single sided tape.

    PET Single sided tape is a product of gelly.PET Single sided tape can be used in many places.

    PET single sided tape, also known as PET tape or PET high temperature adhesive tape, it is made of PET coated acrylic acid adhesive, and tape color is generally transparent and black.

    It has good chemical stability, thermal stability, dimensional stability, initial adhesion and cohesion, easy for die-cutting, good viscosity with plastic, rubber and metal. It can be used in a wider temperature range and bad environment, long-term temperature of 100-120℃ and short-term temperature up to 140-200℃。

    Application of PET Single sided tape:

    widely used in high temperature masking protection in electronics industry.

    Use for holding and fixing of the accessory of refrigerator and home applicance

    heat transfer, cold transfer, electric conductor,Temporary Fixation

    This tape is widely appied in a range of industries including, automotive, solar photovoltaic and wind energy,

    semiconductor and transforming industries,electronics and industrial applications.

    Fixing Electric Components

    Masking for powder-coat painting.

    Flash-breaker tape when pulling through cured coating such as epoxies.

    Stick to surfaces such as silicone liner.

    Holding parts or sealing vacuum bags during processing.

    Used for insulating electric and electronic components.

    Main Features of PET Single sided tape

    1.It gives thermal conductivity and insulation simultaneously.Also it gives best solution to bond uneven surface.

    2.The polymer structure enable thermal conductive adhesive tape to have flexibility ,conformability,self adhesive,high compressive rate,and provide easy bonding.

    3.It is available to use high/low temperature,severe environmental conditions.Even if bonding on uneven surface,thermal conductivity is good.The most important is that it is used easily without changing your machines.

    4.It provide good solution when you need good thermal conductivity,insulation and damping.Based on getting certificate SGS,many customers applied our product to electric products.

    5.Thermal conductive adhesive tape have good initial adhesion,insulation,low outgassing.Thermal conductive tapes is best choice to bond hard or soft surfaces. adhesive thermal tape for led.

    Advantages of the PET Single sided tape

    1.low adhesive tranfer

    2.leaves clean surfaces after removal

    3.low outgassing under vacuum

    4.excellent masking properties

    5.can be easily removed

    6.suitable for temporary or transfer applications

    Some tips for choosing PET Single sided tape:

    For high temperature paint masking, choose a silicone adhesive that does not leave adhesive residue after being in the oven.

    For splicing in industry, opt for thin polyester to avoid jamming the machines.

    To detect your splice by photoelectric cell, use an aluminium-coated polyester film.

    Some examples of applications of polyester adhesive tape ?

    Splicing in industry

    Masking for epoxy powder coating

    Closing adhesive rolls

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