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What is pe freezing tape?


Stationery tape is a kind of tape that we often use.But do you know what pe freezing tape is?

Pe freezing tape is a special kind of tape.Our Pe freezing tape can be used in many places, militarily, first aid centers, out on foot camping trips.

Features of Pe freezing tape

a. Low-allergic

b. Strong adhesive

c. Permeable

d. Easy-tear by hand

What is pe freezing tape?

Pe freezing tape traumatic to the skin upon removal and is ideal fixation for patients with fragile skin or at risk for those reactions to traditional tapes and adhesives. 

Pe freezing tape is confirmable, easy to remove, ensures an ideal fixation solution for patients with fagile and sensitive skin.

As a professional manufacturer of pe freezing tape.We follow Quality first,Win-Win Policy. 

If you have any interests in of our products, please feel free to contact us.Thank you for your attention!   

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