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Product Brief of double sided eva foam tape


Double sided eva foam tape is one of our products.As base on EVA foam coating on both sides or single side with strong Solvent hot melt adhesive and with colored release paper.

Feature of double sided eva foam tape:

1.Close cell foam. 

2.High adhesive; Peel strength and initial adhesion. 

3.Excellent performance for vibration reducing and anti-crack, good weather resistance, water proof, heat resistance, anti-chemicals.

4.Superior stick capabilities to different surfaces such as: Metal; Plastic; Paper; Wooden and silicon. 

5.It is easy to cut; Slit and Joint for the pretty outlook. 

Product Brief of double sided eva foam tape

Application of double sided eva foam tape:

Double sided eva foam tape is designed for adhering to the irregular surface, fixing the nameplate, mirror and often used in the automobile industry such as door sealing strips, pedal and metal boards. Specially suitable for the fixation of inner structure in the glass combination like the glass curtain wall and soundproof wall , also used to stick the car decorations and for the combination orientation of sound source inside the voice box.

1. Air handling and acoustic engineering; 

2. Building and construction; 

3. Automotive; 

4. electronic and electronical; 

5. Furniture and mirror manufacture; glazing and conservatory 

7. printing finishing and special package 

8.signs and displays. 

9.Architecture,central air-condition,piping insulation

10.Electronic and motorcycle industry.

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