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Applications of Double sided pet tape


Double sided pet tape is a high performance pet carrier with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive coated . High temperature and medium solvent resistance, high HSE and LSE.

Applications of Double sided pet tape

1.Nameplates and membrane switch mounting and fixing.

2.Earphone gasket mounting, camera lens fixing

3.Microphone dust-protection net fixing, PCB fixing, LCD frame fixing.

4.LCD gasket mounting, battery gasket fixing.

5.Key pad & hard material fixing, memory card fixing etc.

Applications of Double sided pet tape

Features of Double sided pet tape

1.High temperature, solvent resistant, stable and reliable 

2.With plastic or paper liner 

3.Very high bonding

4.Suitable for almost all surfaces mounting

5.Strong tensile strength 

Double sided pet tape is an exceedingly strong case sealing tape. The tape is resistant to tearing and does not stretch lengthwise or widthwise. Double sided pet tape has the ideal properties for a smooth, mechanical processing. And for closing heavy or overfilled boxes with high tension on the flaps. Double sided pet tapes maintain their excellent adhesion even at high and low temperatures.

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