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What are the characteristics of double sided eva foam tape


Double sided eva foam tape refers to the double-sided adhesive made by coating adhesive on both sides of EVA foamed substrate. Adhesives include oil glue,thermosol and rubber glue,which are rich in color,including white, gray,black and other colors.They have good anti shock and cushioning performance,closed bubble,good sound insulation,heat insulation,moisture resistance,chemical corrosion resistance and other advantages,and meet environmental requirements.

Double sided eva foam tape mainly has the following characteristics:

1.Water resistance: closed cell structure, non absorbent,moisture-proof, good water resistance; It has good adhesive property

2.Corrosivity: resistant to seawater, grease,acid, alkali and other chemicals,non-toxic,tasteless and pollution-free.

3.Processability: no joint,and easy for hot pressing,cutting,gluing,fitting and other processing.

Double sided eva foam tape

4.Anti vibration: high resilience and anti tension,high toughness,and good anti vibration/cushioning performance.

5.Thermal insulation: excellent heat insulation,cold insulation and low temperature performance,and resistance to severe cold and exposure.

6.Sound insulation: closed bubble, good sound insulation effect.

These are some introductions about the characteristics of double sided eva foam tape. As a manufacturer of double sided eva foam tape,Gelly has many years of experience in producing and selling double sided eva foam tape.We can ensure the quality of double sided eva foam tape while maintaining low prices.If you need,please contact us!

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