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Applications of Printing Bopp packing tape


Printing Bopp packing tape is widely used because many companies want to add their own company name to their tape, and the patterned Printing Bopp packing tape looks better than the transparent tape.

Typical Applications of Printing Bopp packing tape:

1.Information carrier:You can print the information you want to advertise on tape, and it will spread along

Applications of Printing Bopp packing tape

with the tape and the package.

2.Security protection,Steading & bundling:You can use Printing Bopp packing tape to fix or pack something, which is the inherent function of tape.

3.Advertising and marketing:Any place exposed to the public eye can play the role of advertising and propaganda.

4.Decorate:These Printing Bopp packing tapes have text and some are patterned to decorate your notebook or room.


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