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What is Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape?


What is Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape?

You may have seen many kinds of tape, all kinds of colors, all kinds of materials, but you shouldn't have seen Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape.

As its name says, the Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape is very large.Its length ranges from 10m to 8000m.It can be used to split into smaller tapes.

What is Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape?

Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape is made of polypropylene film (OPP) and coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. The production of pure butyl is imported. Because of its many advantages such as high strength, light weight, low cost advantages, suitable for all kinds of packing sealing glue fixed, especially on the carton sealing glue, and can cooperate with sealing automatic packing machine, has become the mainstream in packaging materials. The conventional colors are transparent (C), rice yellow (T), coffee (B), and all kinds of colors and printing tape for the boutique packaging.

Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape printed according to customer requirements if any colour tape, and then coated with pressure - sensitive adhesive dry for self - adhesive tape, with a high anti-tensile, lightweight, non - toxic, tasteless, environmental friendly, to prevent leakage during product transport or damaged,applied to ordinary product packaging, all kinds of sealing adhesive.

Characteristics of Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape:

in cold weather, it sticks better.

in hot weather, adhesive doesn't leak.

holding power for a long period is more consistent.

it sticks well on plastic.Aging period(shelf life) is far longer.

it is a more eximious adhesive.

Initial tack is mild, but it becomes aggressive after adhesive cures a few minutes. 

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