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Applications of PET Single sided tape


PET Single sided tape is a product of gelly.PET Single sided tape can be used in many places.

Application of PET Single sided tape:

widely used in high temperature masking protection in electronics industry.

Use for holding and fixing of the accessory of refrigerator and home applicance

heat transfer, cold transfer, electric conductor,Temporary Fixation

This tape is widely appied in a range of industries including, automotive, solar photovoltaic and wind energy,

semiconductor and transforming industries,electronics and industrial applications.

Fixing Electric Components

Masking for powder-coat painting.

Flash-breaker tape when pulling through cured coating such as epoxies. 

Stick to surfaces such as silicone liner.

Holding parts or sealing vacuum bags during processing.

Used for insulating electric and electronic components.

Applications of PET Single sided tape

By the combination of PET substrate and the United States and profiling composite coating silicone adhesive, with a short-term 300C temperature of 260C long-term temperature, the chassis is widely used in high-temperature fixed, protection and paint spray shelter. Good adhesion, high temperature, solvent resistance, strong retention, no residual glue, suitable for chassis cabinet paint sprayed anti-grill.

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