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Introduction of bopp easy tearing tape


Bopp easy tearing tape,also known as Easy-Tear tapes can be easily cut by hands and thus saving time and effort in packing.

Used in household as well as in Industry where packages are smaller & packing needs to be done faster.  

Easy-tear tapes have became a substitute to scissors. 

This Tapes are very Popular in Courier, Logistics, E-commerce and Food Products Industry.

The uses of bopp easy tearing tape

1、Widely Used for fast-moving industrial packaging.

2、Household & stationery Purpose.

3、Sealing of regular slotted containers, boxes and cargo.

4、Extensively used in high speed automated packing machines.

Introduction of bopp easy tearing tape

The features of bopp easy tearing tape

1、Hand Tear from both ends.

2、High transparency, gloss & lust.

3、Smooth Un-rolling and Easy to Apply.

4、Anti-ageing characteristics.

5、Quality adhesive used for greater bonding strength & long-holding duration.

6、Customized Width, Length & Specifications Available.


The bopp easy tearing tape is very convenient to use. If you want to buy bopp easy tearing tape, please contact us.

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