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Effect of Temperature on Printing Bopp packing tape


In winter and summer, Printing Bopp packing tape doesn't seem to work very well. Why? Temperature is an important factor, which affects the use of Printing Bopp packing tape.

Printing Bopp packing tape expands and contracts with temperature. The primary vector of expansion is thickness.  

As tape gets hotter, the tape gets thicker and tightens the pack. This can cause stretching.  

As tape gets colder, it gets thinner and loosens the pack. This can result in tape slippage, folding and cinching.

Effect of Temperature on Printing Bopp packing tape

This is because temperature changes affect intermolecular forces.When the temperature rises, the intermolecular force decreases and the Brownian motion strengthens, it is easy to wet and penetrate the bonded object, and the stickiness plays a good role.This is the reason why the adhesive tape sticks well when the temperature is high.

Conversely, lower temperature decreases the amount of energy that adhesives molecules gain from the outside world.

In order to avoid the negative effect of temperature on the function of Printing Bopp packing tape, we worked very hard.

1. Factories should adjust the formulation of adhesives in time according to seasonal changes, which is an active and positive measure.

2. Salesmen should understand the adverse effects of seasonal changes on the use of tape, give timely publicity and explanation to customers, and assist customers to improve the environmental conditions of production and storage, such as heating and humidifying, in order to help the tape to play its normal performance and efficacy.

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