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Advantages of PET Single sided tape


PET single sided tape, also known as PET tape or PET high temperature adhesive tape, it is made of PET coated acrylic acid adhesive.

Advantages of PET Single sided tape are:

low adhesive tranfer

leaves clean surfaces after removal

low outgassing under vacuum

excellent masking properties

can be easily removed

suitable for temporary or transfer applications

If used as temporary tape or transfer tape, only apply minimal pressure. The green PET lab tape is an economical alternative for Kapton tape in less demanding applications and when temperatures are lower than 200°C. With the thicker film and the lower adhesion properties of the silicone based adhesive, the tape is easy to remove and leaves clean surfaces.

PET Single sided tape.jpg

PET Single sided tape has good chemical stability, thermal stability, dimensional stability, initial adhesion and cohesion, easy for die-cutting, good viscosity with plastic, rubber and metal. It can be used in a wider temperature range and bad environment, long-term temperature of 100-120℃ and short-term temperature up to 140-200℃。

For the above reasons, this PET Single sided tape can be used in:


Mobile phone


Audition equipment


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