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High temperature resistant tape:What tape can withstand heat?


High temperature resistant tape is very useful, especially when you need to fix some parts or lines, but ordinary tape can't maintain a lasting effect at high temperatures.

High temperature resistant tape offers excellent shear strength, chemical and solvent resistance, and bonds to a variety of substrates and can alternative solution to zippers, screws, snaps and more.

Applicable industries of high temperature resistant tape:

1. LCD, FPC / PCB and other optoelectronics industry

2. food, pharmaceutical packaging industry

3. plastic heat sealing machine, high-speed sealing machine

4. hot melt machine

5.motors, high and low voltage electrical products, wire and cable insulation, battery manufacturing

6.sewing machine car, shovel Paper Machine

7.rubber-coated plastic rollers

8.other required high temperature, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-sticking place

High temperature resistant tape:What tape can withstand heat?

Product details of high temperature resistant tape:

1.Polyester backing reduces stretch and recovery of tape 2.associated with uneven stop-off line

3.Thick adhesive coating reduces undercutting because adhesive 4.blocks out solutions between fingers

5.Specially designed adhesive that generally performs better when ovens are used to heat tape and boards

7.Polyethylene tape core instead of cardboard

High temperature resistant tape has features excellent temperature resistance.So it can be used in many special scenarios. If you are looking for a kind of tape that can withstand high temperature environment, try this high temperature resistant tape. 

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