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Can't stand packaging noise?You need no noise bopp tape.


Usually there is some noise when packaging products. There is often a high noise level at packaging tables in the stock and dispatch which is generated by sealing cardboard boxes with packing tape. The loud ripping sound of tape is unbearable.In this case you need no noise bopp tape.

No noise bopp tape is a kind of adurable packing tape with an aggressive reinforced water based adhesive that sticks instantly to all paper and board surfaces and is resistant to UV light and temperature change down to -20 degrees centigrade once applied. The reduced noise when unwinding makes Rajapack heavy duty no noise packaging tape suitable for busy or confined packaging areas where constant noise can be an irritation.

You need no noise bopp tape.

No noise bopp tape is more than just a "No Sound" Pack Tape. Due to it's high quality, no noise bopp tape can be used in a variety of applications including.This no noise bopp tape is an excellent solution for businesses with small packing areas where noise disturbance is a problem.

So if you're fed up with the noise of packaging, consider using no noise bopp tape.

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