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Product Brief of double sided pet tape


Double sided PET tape is transparent double sided self adhesive tape. It consists of a PET backing and a tackifier acrylic adhesive. It provides good adhesion to both high and low surface energy substrates. The excellent initial tack can be achieved soon after application.

Advantages of double sided pet tape:

1.high quality with unmatchable price.

2.It can use tissue paper, PP, PET, as a substrate, followed by high-painted on both sides the power of synthetic resin combined with a once easy to peel away from the type of material formed, with its high strong forces sticky, uniform thickness, no foul, and then face easy to control, followed by an instant, and then ability to maintain strong adhesion can be repeated, etc.,

3.Excellent weather resistance,waterproof,solveat resistance.

4.High adhesion coating on both sides with strong solvent acrylic adhesive.

double sided pet tape

Main Application of double sided pet tape:

1.Mounting of ABS plastic parts in the car industry

2.Self-adhesive mounting of rubber/EPDM profiles

3.Mounting of decorative profiles and moldings in the furniture industry

4.Mounting of battery packs, lenses, and touch-screens in electronic devices

5.Nameplates, Indoor/Outdoor Signs bonding

6.For splicing

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