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What are the Features of super clear bopp tape?


Super clear bopp tape is a very common item.So what are the Features of super clear bopp tape?

Super clear bopp tape Features:

1. Full-automatic four-shaft exchange is adopted and the efficiency is improved.

2. PLC control system with touch panel operation.

3. The unwinding tension is adopted with pneumatic braking control. The rewinding tension is adopted with the dual control equipped with the clutch and the independent slide setting for free adjustment of the tensile force.

4. The curved stretch roller is designed to eliminate tape wrinkling during extension and feeding.

5. Two sets of rewinding super clear systems.

6. (Optional) Auto labeling and slitting stationery tape functions.

Super clear bopp tape Features

Super clear bopp tape Applications:

super clear bopp tape especialized of every application related to Carton sealing such as carton box and more .

1.Reusable ,no peel off of adhesive , no residue.

2.It does not react chemically with the contents of the bags to color changes etc.

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